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We curate ourselves, carefully selecting words and photos that express ourselves as we want to be seen.

It can also create global opportunities for individuals.

Through social media, we can easily interact with people from all over the world.

This abundance of choice makes it easier to connect with new people with similar interests.

"You could even isolate individual amino acids by this preparative GC approach, but no one's tried that. "On The Antiquity Of Pots: New Method Developed For Dating Archaeological Pottery." Science Daily. Scientists have uncovered the earliest direct evidence of humans processing plants for food found anywhere in the world.

Researchers studied unglazed pottery dating from more than 10,000 years ago, ...

"Later pottery, such as Roman, is relatively easy to date from its appearance, but earlier pottery can be much harder because of its rough and ready appearance.

"We're taking a piece of pot and grinding it to a powder, and then extracting lipid that's penetrated right down into the fabric." The researchers used a technique called preparative capillary gas chromatography to isolate the lipids, then they radiocarbon dated purified compounds with an accelerator mass spectrometer located at the Oxford University Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit. In all cases, their results were in good agreement with the sample history.

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When looking at today's role models, sports stars and even presidential candidates, you can see why interracial dating is increasing. Supreme Court overturned a law in Virginia that banned whites and nonwhites from marrying.… continue reading »

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