Who is samantha burton dating

09-Nov-2020 08:17

I felt really confident after I played that song, because music comes really naturally to me and it’s always something I’ve been really passionate about.’ KJ is reportedly single.

He is rumored to be going out with Camilla Mendez who he spends a lot of time with off-set, however, the actor explained that she is a friend of the family and that they have known each other for a long time.

KJ’s father is Keneti Apa, matai (chief) of one of the villages in the Independent State of Samoa, while his mother Tessa Apa is a housewife and is originally from Europe.

KJ has two older sisters who don’t share the same passion towards acting as he does, and nothing is known about them.

Though her decision to portray Ryan as a reflective personality - sometimes staring into space - was satirised by the comedienne Dawn French, she helped lay the groundwork for what was to become one of the most popular BBC series, continuing to run (albeit without her) to the present (February 2019).

He is rumored to be going out with Corinne Isherwood, a 17 year-old Canadian model, however, KJ stated in an interview with the “Cosmopolitan” magazine that he is currently too busy to be dating anyone.

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