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Ex: Her emotions ran the gamut from joy to despair.” To put… No, we’re here to show off some of the craziest necktie fastenings out there so you can really step up your tie game. You can eat most foods after their expiration date, but dozens of factors can affect food spoilage.

Contrary to popular belief, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t require manufacturers to list an “expiration,” “use by,” or “sell by" date…

Imagine a world where drought-ridden areas can get the rain they need, on demand.

A place where airports can eliminate dangerous fog that could potentially lock thousands of passengers on land and compromise the safety of those in the air…

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You can call them whatever you’d like, as all three names are acceptable. While the United States planted a flag on the moon, the astronauts' intention wasn’t to claim ownership, and there’s actually an international treaty that forbids any country from claiming the moon (or other celestial bodies) as its own…Thank goodness she stood her ground and said, "I'm going back w or wo you." She was so frustrated because it really WAS going nicely but obviously he creeped her out.