Victorian time dating

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This article will help you date old family photos and identify ancestors by breaking down men’s Victorian era clothing style characteristics by decade. Men’s clothing of the 1860s featured single-breasted and semi-fitted coats and jackets that fell to the mid-thigh. And even though matching suits were still worn, men’s fashion began to shift toward mismatched separates. As the Victorian era neared its ending during the 1880s, fashionable men preferred lounge suits over more formal suit styles for daywear. Due to the growth in the fashion industry, the ability to mass-produce clothing made it more affordable for any man to be fashionable — not just the elite. Tightly-fitted, short trousers with cuffs and creases on front and back.

Keep in mind that the descriptions are generalities and you could end up coming across exceptions to these clothing clues during your research. Waistcoats during this decade came without collars. Very slim cravats with tiny bow ties were also popular. Lounge suits offered slim silhouettes and jackets were worn partially undone, showing off a more relaxed style and revealing high-buttoned waistcoats and watch chains. Norfolk jackets were introduced during this time period and sack coats were still worn over evening attire. Norfolk jackets (look for box pleats over the chest and matching fabric belts).

Apparently parties were a little more regulated back then. If the handbook's obsessive rules are too overwhelming for you, feel free to fall back on this overarching mandate: At least one rule has aged quite nicely.

The handbook follows with the assortment of dances that one should expect at a ball (such as a quadrille, a waltz, a polka) as well as the number of times they are to be played.

1837—Victoria succeeds uncle, William IV, at age 18. 1837–67—Construction of neo-Gothic Houses of Parliament.

1840—Victoria marries first cousin Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, will have nine children.

I wanted to find out just how serious social norms were during the 19th century, so I picked up , a popular English manual that dates back to 1859.

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All the above is included in addition to ", of the hand extended to her," but rather, accepting it with "cordial pressure." Finally, a rule we can get behind. But don't think this rule could be applied to just any party.

Great Britain, the first propeller-driven steamship. 1846—Repeal of Corn Laws, beginning era of free trade. 1847—Ten Hours Act restricts working hours of children in factories.

1850—First British Public Library Act, permitting the establishment of public libraries. Invention of instantaneous photography by William Fox Talbot. London population grows from 1.1 million in 1801 to 2.7 million; reaches 6.6 million in 1901.

Last shipment of convicts from England to Australia. First telephone directory issued in Britain (January 15). 1884—Third Reform Act, extending voting rights to agricultural workers.

1861—Death of Prince Albert of typhoid fever at age 42. 1862—Speke & Grant discover sources of the river Nile. Last public execution (May 26); public hangings stopped because caused crime among spectators. James’s Gazette begins publication (absorbed by the Evening Standard in 1905). New Zealand becomes first country to give women the right to vote. 1895—Founding of the London Promenade Concerts by Sir Henry Wood (October 6). Wilde’s The Ideal Husband and The Importance of Being Earnest . The Savoy ( 1897—Official opening of the Tate Gallery, founded by Sir Henry Tate (July 21). Here are some of the most absurd rules I found: In the streets, conversations were required to be short—wouldn't want to hold up traffic!