Victorian era rich and dating

17-Feb-2020 17:30

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During the Regency and into the Victorian era, the London social season was particularly busy from April to the end of June, but events were held throughout the winter, starting when Parliament returned in late January and included military reviews, dinner parties, and charity events, and went on to the end of July.Débutante (French for female beginner) balls were a highlight, hosted at the grand houses of the aristocracy.Now that you’re engaged, you have the privilege of being a little more can visit without a chaperone as long as you leave before nightfall, hold hands, steal kisses and be as poetic with sonnets and poems as you like. And now, you live happily ever after, with lots of dowry.

Now is the fun part, you get to stroll, ride in a park with the love of your life and her mom/grandmom/aunt/or the likes. As soon as he permits, there is an engagement party that ensues.James’s, where nice Saturday afternoons drew enormous crowds.Once wealthy young ladies were “out” they were expected to “ride the parks” and show off their fine statuesque figures, while mounted on magnificent expensive horses, accompanied by a parent, a brother, or a groom.By the end of June, London was so hot and smelly, everyone with a country estate would flee, but the coming sewer systems, and grand new neighbourhoods with improved wash rooms, would make the capital all the more bearable by the late 1860s.

Young Queen Victoria happily embraced the gaiety of her uncles George’s and William’s reigns, but grew more prim and proper as she had children, then stricter upon the death of Prince Albert. While it is a formal ceremony, it appears quite casual compared to what evolved during the later decades of the 19th century. While it is a formal ceremony, it appears quite casual compared to what evolved during the later decades of the 19th century.

Lord Byron referred to these galas as marriage marts, because it was the best venue for young ladies to encounter possible suitors.

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