Vba no screen updating

24-Mar-2020 23:05

Most of us use macros to automate processes that we repeat or that require specialized knowledge.

Regardless of why you use macros, you want them to run as quickly as possible.

You can optimize your code by: In this article, I'll show you how to make simple changes to your code to optimize it for speed.

I'm using Excel 2016 on a Windows 10 64-bit system, but these tips will work in older versions.

This article lists my top rules for speeding up VBA.

It is easy to lapse into bad programming habits when working with small macros, but with large macros and macros that run a long time it is critical to use efficient coding.

I have my source workbook and I am importing multiple selected cell ranges from multiple sheets from a target workbook. Since I cannot simply select a large range from one sheet to copy from the target and then paste into the source, I have to switch back and forth at least three times for each sheet, before moving on to others that I have to repeat the sequence again. My larger point is; there is likely a way to copy\paste your large range without having to switch (select) between workbooks.

Has anyone found a solution to stop the screen updating that occurring when switching or Activating between two workbooks? I can't give you specifics without better understanding what you are doing. Display Alerts = True End Sub " In the actual code I am running I call the "Stroboscope Off" as well as "Application. Once that was completed I am running an excel complier to create an file. I am still interested in finding out more from Marvin P regarding power-query.

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To learn more about efficient selection methods when using VBA, read Excel tips: How to select cells and ranges efficiently using VBA.The tips are specific to the desktop version because macros don't run in the browser version. Have you noticed that your screen sometimes flickers while a macro is running? Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic Similar to setting the Calculation property to Manual, disabling events can have unexpected results, so use it with careful consideration.This happens when Excel attempts to redraw the screen to show changes made by the running macro. If you use the macro recorder, you may have noticed that it's fond of using the Select method to explicitly reference things.In this case, it's more efficient to define a variable with the value in I4 and use the variable, as follows: Function Return Fee Fast() Dim int Fee As Integer int Fee = Range("I4").

Value Select Case int Fee Case 1 Return Fee = int Fee * 10 Case 2 Return Fee = int Fee * 20 Case 3 Return Fee = int Fee * 30 Case 4 Return Fee = int Fee * 40 Case 5 Return Fee = int Fee * 50 End Select Msg Box Return Fee, vb OKOnly End Function Please forgive the obnoxiously contrived examples, but the concept is the point, not the code's purpose.To disable updates to the Status Bar, use the Display Status Bar property as follows: If your macro is analyzing a lot of data, consider setting the Calculation property to Manual while the macro is running. Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic Macros can trigger unnecessary event procedures. In short, you simply combine the two statements and delete the Select method and the Selection object.

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