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DECLARE xmldoc XMLType; BEGIN -- Populate xmldoc (for example, by fetching from table).-- Validate against XML schema Schema Valid(' IF Schema Valid = 1 THEN -- ELSE -- END IF; END; DROP TABLE po_tab; CREATE TABLE po_tab OF XMLType XMLSCHEMA " ELEMENT "purchase Order"; CREATE TRIGGER emp_trig BEFORE INSERT OR UPDATE ON po_tab FOR EACH ROW DECLARE newxml XMLType; BEGIn newxml := :new.Specify , and if user-defined column or index statistics were collected for an object, then the database also removes the user-defined statistics by invoking the statistics deletion function specified in the statistics type that was used to collect the statistics.

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When analyzing a table, the database skips all domain indexes marked statistics.User-defined index statistics appear in the Specify a cluster to be analyzed.When you collect statistics for a cluster, Oracle Database also automatically collects the statistics for all the tables in the cluster and all their indexes, including the cluster index.If an XML schema URL is not specified and the XML document is schema-based, then the conformance is checked against the own schema of the - Element of a specified schema, against which to validate.

This is useful when we have an XML schema which defines more than one top level element, and we want to check conformance against a specific one of these elements.

Use the SQL scripts to delete any statistics about the analyzed object that are currently stored in the data dictionary.