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16-Mar-2020 10:31

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If that is the case, select them as well and update the other sections along with the sound section.

When you are ready, click the button with the little locomotive and the arrow to update the decoder.

You can now lift the motor and motherboard away from the locomotive's frame.

Warning: Working with the motherboard can be a bit tricky because the motor is soldered directly on to the motherboard.

The installation is easy, simply pull the white wires through a hole in the locomotive frame (the hole is already there, you do not need to make it yourself) and solder the wires to the loudspeaker. For the fun of it I thought I would try the mfx format for this locomotive.

I have a few other locomotives that uses mfx and the format have impressed me.

Now unscrew the motherboard by removing the four screws in each corner.

You can use the small compartments in the decoder's packaging for storing the screws and small parts from the locomotive while you install the new decoder.

The price is the same, so you do not pay extra for the motherboard.

If you only have the sound file on your USB-stick the Central Station will automatically suggest that one.