Updating aim

27-Feb-2020 05:13

When I transferred my model built in 18.1 to 18.2 and did the design points update, it always got stuck forever at the stage of updating model in static structural of 50% like the picture below.I tried this model in 18.1 and it worked just fine which took about 2 mins to solve each design point.My files are in the attached zip file if you want to try it on your system. I m running Parametric optimization on ANSYS Workbench using Visual DOC optimizer by Van der plaats. When the design iterations are running, they are properly simulated by ANSYS for a few iterations.

I found the Progress stalls on the first CAD update (DP0 and DP1 have no change in CAD parameters) for a really long time (10 minutes), but eventually, it did update and so did the next one (I deleted the rest of the DPs).

I am also going to get on my other laptop with ANSYS Student 18.2 and test the ability to import Solidworks files (after I install SW2017) as I did not think the SW CAD interface was included in the ANSYS Student license. Actually if I use the same file which can also be opened in 18.1, 18.1 version will solve in a reasonable time while for 18.2 it seems to take forever.

For me geometry update is ok but it will get stuck in the process of mechanical updating.

Generally, a project should have no more than two or three aims statements, while it may include a number of objectives consistent with them.

Objectives are subsidiary to aims and: At the conclusion of your project you will need to assess whether or not you have met your objectives and if not, why not.

I tried clearing the regedit and reinstalling both 18.1 and 18.2 which didn't work.