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24-Mar-2020 09:32

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Emo love is a special kind of relationship based on the lifestyle of emo music.

While everyone is unique, a relationship among emos does tend to be more emotionally charged.

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When you're feeling the love, though, emo love can be great.

This persona tends to be romantic and often write poetry or love songs for his or her beloved.

People tend to wear tight jeans and small, tight, often vintage T-shirts or shirts of punk banks. Chuck Taylors are almost a required part of the uniform, as are black, studded belts and black-rimmed glasses.

Emo love is different from the normal dating scene mostly because of the emotional quality of the relationship and the characteristics of the emo personality.Of course, this is somewhat a generalization, but many dress in a similar manner to distinguish themselves from other punks out there.