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18-Jul-2020 17:32

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If an argument took place during the meeting or someone stormed out of the room I wouldn’t necessarily put this detail in the minutes at all but if your chairperson indicates that you should include this level of detail then I would suggest you remain neutral in your tone and choice of vocabulary.

I do sometimes find with minutes that I will repeat the same words over and over to describe the decisions made and actions agreed, particularly when I’m not really in the mood to write them!

Try and get the notes typed up as soon as possible, ideally by the following day.

Even if you had become an expert at drafting minutes you may still find that you forget certain parts of the meeting and you can’t quite decipher what you meant when you made the notes.

Unless it is relevant to the key agenda points leave this dialogue out of the minutes.

As the minute taker try to remain neutral when typing up your notes.

This comes with time but getting a real sense of what people are discussing in the meeting makes writing the minutes up afterwards a lot easier.

Here are five questions you should ask the chairperson before you minute a meeting. I would also recommend using initials rather than full names to save some time, but this is a style choice and may not be suitable for all companies.

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