Symantec endpoint protection manager 11 x not updating virus definitions

17-Oct-2020 07:44

Once i start "security Task Monitor", Norton finished update and cc Svc disapear. cc Svc causes very high CPU usage, but (according to Symantec support) can't be disabled without complete uninstall, their Norton Removal Tool and Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool both fail to uninstall their application.

Don't know whether it is Norton's process or malware process. c/programfilesx86/nortoninternetsecurity/engine/*86, countersignatures disappear on clicking. I am long-time NIS 2011 user (yeah, real stupid of me).

But they refuse to say what it does when you ask them. They fiddled ineffectually with my PC by remote for more than 1 hour and achieved precisely nothing.

It was clear that they were just clicking on settings to make it look like they were doing something.

certificate is expired, can't delete, not allowed access,even as admin. It's either malware, or malware takes control of to read all the data on your HD. I.e., like windows svchost it supplies the context in which the rest of the Norton's progs run. Reported fixes: update to latest version where CPU eating bug is fixed; and turn it off in services.

Bad I am ditching, NEVER go back to Norton/Symantec anything. Start/run/services.msc; and of course remove product and use different AV If its hogging your memory, Goto Norton Settings Turn off norton tamper protection. It took a while to realize this might be the problem.

If a "non-Microsoft" file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! Click to Run a Free Scan for related errors It comes with Norton360 (that is NOT an important file), slows your CPU down and wears CPU, but it isn't dangerous if you remove it immediatedly, but if you dont remove it, then it CAN CAUSE SERIOUS DAMAGE to your computer!!

In this post we will look at the steps for installing and configuring Endpoint protection role in SCCM 2012 R2.

Maybe it was a coincidence but it seems to have worked for me.

Thanks Philip, the thing has been killing my machine.

I know everbody is saying it is part of NAV but I still don't feel safe.

It is constantly using between 8-99% of my CPU (on and off on an I7! I think it is malware, or somehow linked to malware. Symantec_-_Virus_Definition_Date(1)(2.48 KB) Download Licensed software records in Jamf Pro let you store information about the software licensed to your organization. Generate a new randomized time between 6AM & 9PM (this is adjustable) 3.