Sri lankan culture dating

10-Mar-2020 13:16

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Most western men are still thinking, even though western women became slutty and/or feminists, still the eastern women are marriage materiel. I can tell more about Indian girls in another article, but here I'm saying about Sri Lanka women.Don't ever date or marry them due to 3 reasons.This time I was able to see much more of the country and it’s wonderful people. The population of Sri Lanka is just over 20 million which is 5 times the population of Ireland. They speak “Sinhala” which means “lion’s blood” (not as intimidating as it sounds).It must be a bit of a squeeze considering Sri Lanka is 10,000 square miles smaller than Ireland. However, English is the language of commerce in Sri Lanka and most people seem to speak a bit.Most of my friends says the same and they also becoming MGTOW.//A recent survey carried out by the health authorities has revealed that 54 percent of marriages in Sri Lanka end in divorce.// source: Well I can say right about the same thing for women in the middle east, africa, europe.Boy do I love my parents for not settling down in any continent.The island is fairly multi cultural due to a colourful history.

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It seems like RULES at right side NOT preventing to post such links for reasonable explanations)In that video the language is mixed, here in brief.

I had two ex GFs in Sri lanka in different times, and I had to drop both as both are such sluts, and now I'm MGTOW.

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They like to wear make-up and rarely leave the home without being beautifully presentable.