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18-Nov-2020 17:27

Stewart Weldon is accused of rape and kidnapping charges, and now authorities in Springfield, Massachusetts say they have unearthed three bodies on the property where he was living.

Weldon was not yet being called a suspect in the deaths, authorities said, but he was living at the residence where they were found at the time of his arrest.

In an initial press conference, Gulluni stressed that it was very early in the investigation, so the authorities can’t release many details.“Two bodies were recovered at this address in the last 18 hours or so by the Springfield Police Department,” Gulluni said early on, adding that the bodies were “in and around the house.” No further details were given about the bodies.

Later in the evening, Gulluni revealed that there was a third body found.“I am now confirming that a third body was recovered on the property at 1333 Page Boulevard,” Gulluni said in the later news conference.

She leaves behind two young daughters, Taje and Niagia. Our human nature tends to assume everyone we love and cherish will live until the old age.

@7News #7News pic.twitter.com/l Ogjup WLga — Michael Yoshida (@Michael7News) June 5, 2018Weldon was arrested on May 27, and Gulluni said that he lives at the address but that’s as far as authorities were willing to go at that point.After police stopped Weldon on a Sunday night for a broken taillight, they found a woman in his car, according to Mass Live.The woman told police that Weldon “had been holding her against her will for a month, raping and beating her,” and he was arrested, reported the Massachusetts newspaper. 53658-Descuento-de-Compra-arimidex-No-Rx&p=67363&posted=1#post67363


A horrible tragedy which made national headlines,” it reads.