Speed dating teaching method

23-Jun-2020 13:46

I therefore decided to have an interim revision session with a difference and used speed dating as the vehicle for this.I created seven questions based on what they had already learnt.As a secondary social studies teacher, I had to become extra creative in order to find ways to make learning historical content and skills fun and exciting.

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My class were studying a topic on the organisation of sport in the UK and were struggling to get to grips with all of the various organisational bodies and their roles.

Given that the class is quite big and there is such a huge range in ability levels, I found this lesson worked fantastically well.

Every student (including those who I thought may not engage that well) were completely on task for the whole duration of the lesson.

This type of approach to teaching is based on the lexical approach or the chunks of language we tend to use to speak about certain situations.

Linda Salinas, AP European History and US History teacher at Harlingen High School with Harlingen CISD.(There are 24 in the group so roughly 3 students per question.) They were given 5 minutes to create a ‘perfect’ answer to the question using their own knowledge, their notes, their textbooks and each other.