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Once the Sim is pregnant, a cheat code can be used to force the mother to have twins.After activating the cheat field, clicking the mother brings up a menu with several options.These include “Flirtatious Joke,” “Hold Hands” and “Shy Kiss.” After the object of your affections thinks you’re being “Alluring,” you can advance to more seductive options like “Massage,” “Confess Attraction” and “First Kiss.” Interact regularly.The longer you leave a relationship on the Sims 3, the more it will decay.“Propose Marriage” to your chosen Sim when the mood is right.Build up to the proposal with romantic interactions, and if your relationship is strong enough you’ll be successful.Relationships are an important part of life, and that means they’re also an integral part of playing the Sims 3.

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Using a cheat code doesn't have an adverse effect on game play, but can enhance a Sim couple's life together.

Sims with the Family aspiration would love to have children, and you yourself might want even more little feet to control.

In “Sims 3,” married couples face many of the same challenges as real-life couples.

Click “Debug,” and then click “Force Twins” to double the mother's load.

Married Sims who are just starting out may find themselves facing money problems.

Even a married couple suffering from financial difficulty can find help with a cheat.