Silverlight combobox selecteditem not updating wga validating

25-Dec-2020 06:40

However, when I click a button to switch the Object Instance to obj2, the Combo Box Items Source gets populated correctly in the dropdown, but the Selected Value is set to Nothing instead of being equal to obj2. Problem: The Combo Box class searches for the specified object by using the Index Of method. took me more than a week to resolve this small fyn.

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In order to avoid that use the Keep Alive property of your pages.

The object is returning the correct object via the get in the property though.

I'm not sure if this is just an issue with the way the Combo Box and MVVM pattern works. I have had similar issues and it was solved by making sure I was implementing IEquatable properly.

However, this will only work for that instance of the Page.

If you navigate to a new instance of that page it constructor will be called again.

If I sit in a break point and wait a few seconds it works as expected. End Update I have an application using in WPF using MVVM with a Combo Box. The issue I'm having is when we leave our page and migrate back the Combo Box is not selecting the current Value that is selected.