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Viewers may agree that the jokes are in some essence quite lame and sometimes illogical, but try not to chuckle when you see a bunch of thong-wearing barbarians flex their muscles. The Danish animation takes about every stereotype available and uses it as a joke, and as mentioned before, pulls it off.

Disappointed with his acting career by the late 1970s, he began to consider starting a talent agency.The studio is coproduced by commercial broadcaster TV 2/Danmark and supported by the Danish Film Institute.The film has an estimated budget of .5 million and was featured at this year’s Cartoon Movie.He married twice, firstly to the actress Mela White in 1962 (she married him under the name Brompton as this was her second marriage), he became the father with her of two children, the actors Rebecca Lacey and Jonathan Lacey.

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After a turbulent divorce, he married Joanna Baker in 1972, the marriage producing a son.

He had a distinctive voice as well, and could scream at a very high pitch.