Ron and hermione dating fanfic

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-rating- R » Silly Old Thing -author- Madhuri -recommended by- Kate J -type- Humor -summary- Harry and Hermione and Dobby's misunderstanding.-rating- PG » Semantics -author- Ariana and Yumi -recommended by- Kate J -type- Humor -summary- Semantics can really drive a boy wild.-rating- PG-13ish -notes- I wasn't happy with how this came out, but I wrote it in like 15 minutes so... » The Letter -author- Kate J -recommended by- N/A -type- Angsty Romance -summary- Harry wakes up from a bad dream in the summer after 5th year and, in a quick and rushed manner, writes Hermione a letter telling her anything and everything, not caring how crazy he sounds because he just wants to get it out before he loses his nerve.

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In the days that follow, Harry cannot get his mind off the glittering tattoo on her belly. -rating- NC-17 » The Benefits of a Bad Night's Sleep -author- kyc639 -recommended by- Kate J -type- Romance/Humor -summary- Harry has a nightmare and goes to Hermione for comfort, quickly realizing that having a nightmare can have some nice, unforeseen benefits. -rating- PG » Complete Certitude -author- Magdalen -recommended by- Kate J -type- Romance -summary- First time sex, a little bit of angst and much fluff at the end.

-rating- NC-17 » A Darkened Doorway -author- Cheering Charm -recommended by- Kate J and Narami -type- Romance -summary- Set post-Hogwarts, while on assignment, Harry and Hermione realize their "friendly" feelings are much more.