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19-Nov-2020 15:41

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We see this reflected in the age of first marriages getting older and older.And in the age of social media women take for granted that they can remain sexually viable if not indefinitely, then at least as long as a man would. Women will fixate on the “ also find their root in the Alpha Widow dynamic.In any of these instances what’s at issue is the fact that women’s mating strategy always moves them towards a “better-than-merited” SMV exchange and a psychological fixation on the man, or the type of man who best embodies it.It’s as if a woman’s is imprinted with the model of the optimal Hypergamous pairing (evolution-wise a life or death proposition) and believes that only in recreating it will that male again save her life. Social Enabling of the Alpha Ideal In 2019 it has never been easier for a woman to explore her reproductive options with an ever-increasing pool of potential Alphas from which to be ” the goal has always been to ensure provisioning and support – the Beta Bucks side of Hypergamy – in order to give women the impression that they have an indefinite window of time in which to find their optimal Alpha man.’ possibilities of consolidating on a guy like that.This might be one-night sex, the one guy in the foam cannon party on spring break in her .Most feel like they missed out on having made a good Hypergamous choice (or had it made for them by circumstance or social pressures).That missed opportunity leads some women to be widowed from the fantasy of an Alpha who would have been a better choice.

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As today’s Purple Pill Manosphere tries to sort out what it wants to pick and pull from ideas the Red Pill has been debating for decades now it requires a lot of deliberate misdirection of the old concepts they struggle with. If you look at any of the exchanges I had with and still pined for him into her 30s or 40s after marriage.We didn’t just pull the idea out of our asses back then.

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