Pim mail consolidating task and email management

27-Sep-2020 00:49

Big Data and Internet of things is big (sorry about the pun).There is a lot of promise of golden opportunities and discussions on how to get to smart connected products and opening up new business opportunities.You can combine your new (small) data with your existing product data sources. Aspects that makes IIo T and Small Data attractive Taking the conveyor belt as an example.

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If your conveyor belt can be a smart connected product we have IIo T.

This paper describes the design and implementation of this platform system on the basis of the task context model.

E-mail management applications are among the most used tools for collaborative work in enterprises.

You can limit the IT infrastructure investment since the amount of data is limited and as a manufacturing company you probably have an IT infrastructure that can manage the additional data.

And it is quite easy to know how to relate the information to other information sources.has an interesting article about using PLM and Io T in an old industry to create new business opportunities.