Php dating software v7 2

14-Feb-2021 20:57

Also, they offer the perks of a subscription-based dating option, couples’ private chatting feature, advertising sections, affiliate programs etc to extend the reach of your brand.

Well, these are the overall introduction of every script.

I use p H7CMS for my organization as an open community and just use the forum, comment and profile modules (included). Use only the free version but it's much enough for my needs and very happy with the regular updates and nice support.

Today, I’m very happy to say that p H7CMS software is now listed on the very well-known (German) website “Open Source CMS“! If you believe in your dreams, you can & will fucking do it!

Moreover, it comes with tons of advanced features like profile building functionality with which your user can make their dating profiles easily.

There is also a post comment section against a profile where one can post a comment about your users profil.

The principle of the "p H7CMS's development" is DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) aimed at reducing repetition of information of all kinds (not duplicate code).

These scripts come with a complete documentation which requires an only single minute to implement on your site.The script is particularly designed for online dating-related business which provides you all the facilities which require for dating sites.