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08-Mar-2021 22:09

I quickly realised I would have to make some effort to build a social life outside of my workplace (and supermarket): my colleagues, however very nice, ran out of the office every day at 4pm to reach the barnehage on time, so there weren’t going to be beers and chats and come-over-for-dinner-tomorrow here.So one tries out ways to meet people, like skiing classes, joining a band, or online dating.Explore the pristine nature, which offers peace and quiet, as well as canoeing, bike rides and fishing.The region is full of variety, and offers nightlife and shopping as well as beautiful nature.

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Between Oslo and the Swedish border lies this diverse and exciting region – Inner Østfold.

In the first months of my life in Norway, my entire social life was limited to my colleagues and the cashiers in supermarkets who asked me if I wanted a “pose” (yes, a bag).

Moving to Norway only for work meant I had neither friends nor family in this country to begin with.

It seems like they have a check list where you gain or lose points each time you open your mouth. If you are not sweet, sporty and confident you might not get called for the second round. Got too tired of the mind games with men who date 5 girls at the same time and know all the tricks in the book.

And if you can’t pee in the bush with class and dignity, you’re OUT! I survived 5 weeks on the website and figured going out was a more fun and less time consuming way to meet people. Yes one actually, but he will probably ignore me after reading this (Per Christian, if you’re out there…).Moss and its surrounding region has a varied and rich cultural landscape with lots of great hiking and biking trails.

Smith was in a relationship with James Corden, which ended in June 2009.… continue reading »

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She sent me an internet dating website and we started going through the profiles, and she helped me to make a profile of my own.… continue reading »

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