Nester dating

03-Oct-2020 11:33

But keeping an active social circle can make a huge difference when adjusting to your new solo life.It doesn’t have to mean leaving your children with a sitter every weekend, but making time to meet friends for coffee or the occasional dinner helps keep those relationships alive, which you’ll appreciate when the kids leave home.Ever dreamed of being a painter, a photographer, a writer? Exploring new interests and seeking out different experiences not only gives you the chance to meet new people, it’s a wonderful way to expand your knowledge and horizons.Seek out your local library for ongoing book clubs, or check out the neighborhood gym for fun classes like spin cycling or even pole dancing! One minute, you have a house full of teens, plotting their post-high school lives and eating you out of house and home, and the next, you’re rattling around in a house that’s suddenly bigger and quieter than ever before.For single parents, it can be even more challenging.We all need the connection of other adults in our lives, and for single parents, that connection is incredibly important. Think about the places you’d like to see and make it happen.Traveling with children can be difficult and expensive. This could mean a long weekend away somewhere, or maybe a longer journey halfway around the world.

If you aren’t sure about venturing out alone, many tour companies offer special packages for singles, including cruise lines and international tours.

And no doubt, it can be a little scary to put yourself out there. And with the advent of online dating, it’s never been easier or more convenient.

Whether there’s music in the lush courtyard or discussions with artists and writers upstairs, the mood is magical; this is probably as close as you’ll get to attending a cocktail party hosted by an early-20th-century luminary.… continue reading »

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