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"Having covered everything from sport to health and fitness with companies such as Men's Health and HITC, writing about the ridiculous antics of the Made in Chelsea crew is by far the most enjoyable." Maria Wild is set to take Love Island 2019 by storm as she struts into the villa as one of 12 Bombshells.

The Casa Amor episodes (Thursday, Friday, Sunday) will see the six men and six women thrown into the ITV2 dating show to cause drama and turn heads. It’s unlikely that Curtis Pritchard will be prized away from Amy Hart but Tommy Fury could be a good shout to ditch Molly-Maw and cook up some super-cute babies with Maria.

It’s hard to say whether that’s his idea or Lumpy’s idea, but it is a way of giving Floppy a bit of a smackdown without directly attacking him. Similar: Floppy Chili Floppy: Yogi: Lumpy: Clues:[Optional] Did Floppy overstep by trying to warn Yogi?

That’s why Yogi is now taking little swipes at Floppy and his work.

Basically, Floppy had privately tried to warn Yogi about the potential perils of dating a certain female singer. You see, Floppy felt that Lumpy was manipulative and using Yogi to get something she really wanted. Let’s just say that Floppy was not at all interested. but later came back and pulled the same routine on Yogi… So, Floppy tried to warn Yogi, but Yogi did not want to hear it. Although Floppy has been very nice and supportive of Yogi in public, Lumpy is still holding a grudge, either about the rejection by Floppy or about him trying to keep Yogi away from her. Accordingly, Lumpy has been encouraging Yogi to distance himself from Floppy.

She told him how handsome and brilliant and talented he was and how they would have the most gorgeous babies together.

Fellow model Arabella Chi has been hailed as the villa’s Wonder Woman after appearing in 2017 DC film Justice League, where she played one of the Amazonian tribe. She said: “I wouldn’t upset anyone, put it that way. I never graft anyone on the outside so I won’t go in there and be any different.” The Casa Amor drama is expected to air over Friday (28th) and Sunday (30th).

The sun had set, the sky dark with stars twinkling, the street lights were on and so were the lights in some of the houses in the street.

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Because Somerhalder is a happy person, she credits him with being one way to deal with any stress in her life. “I think people should be with the person who makes them smile.” She states that you shouldn't be in that relationship if you don’t smile anymore.… continue reading »

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