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03-Oct-2020 11:17

At the time of my diagnosis, my doctor did not take a sexual history, and we did not discuss how I might have acquired the virus or how I could prevent transmitting it to any future partners.There was no counseling on how to disclose my diagnosis or advice on dating after herpes.In the years that followed, I got so bold as to include my status in my online dating profile.I had men and women message me just to say, “Thank you for being honest,” or, “It’s so awesome to see you standing up to the stigma of having an STD,” or even, “I have herpes, too!That is why we are working to give a voice to the community of individuals affected by all STDs.This work both inspires and empowers me, which is why I have chosen to use my voice and share my story. Amanda previously worked at the Ohio Department of Health where she managed STD, Hepatitis, and HIV prevention and surveillance programs.My first post-diagnosis date came along and I cautiously told him via text that I had herpes.I felt like I was telling some big, bad secret, but he swore he was fine with it and we moved along in our conversation.

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Even after clumsily disclosing to my partners months earlier, I initially felt unequipped to handle the conversation with potential dates.One person nervously insisted he tested negative for the HSV-2 antibody and promised to send me his testing history.