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[...]The US Military has banned the sale of the latest Medal of Honor video game on all bases.The reasoning behind it is that in part of the game the player can play as the Taliban and shoot US soldiers.She is a lawyer by trade but is enthusiastic about guns. Carl can take Helena to either the club in Idlewood, Los Santos (Alhambra) or Queens, San Fierro (Gaydar Station), but the Alhambra remains a better solution since it's closer, despite both clubs being fairly away from Helena's house.However, it is better to date her when Idlewood belongs to the Grove Street Families, as the Ballas can shoot Carl and Helena on sight.Dating each girl offers different advantages that begin unlocking when players get their relationship meter above 50 percent.Each girl has her own tastes for the type of body she finds attractive, and requirements for how high your "Sex Appeal" meter needs to be to score a date.

Players can find flowers at the gas station west of Denise's house across the railroad tracks, and between the two exits on the highway when heading toward Helena's house.Thats the **** hitting the fan from the fallout from this proposal.