Google voice widget not updating

27-Sep-2020 16:07

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The next day my feed came up w an article abt how google missed the boat on security and how thousands ( ) of ppl were being hacked bc of something google did or didn’t do...

They said it was a specific weakness if u have and use google...

It was so much easier and faster when I could just swipe it away instead.

Please bring pack the ‘swipe to hide’ function for news stories on the main page.

I find it’s search results are much more.....cleaner if u will.

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I didn’t realize how easy or convenient this feature was until it was gone.

Now when I’m done with a news story, I have to click the three little dots in the corner of the story and press “Hide this story.” It’s a bit tedious and repetitive to do this for every story/card I don’t want or have already seen, so I’ve started just ignoring the stories altogether (since I’ve seen/read them all and would rather just let them pile up than to go through each individual story/card and click “hide story” just to get it off my homepage).

You can also just type a hashtag directly in the note to open the labels menu.

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The real beauty of labels is that you can you can view all notes with the same label as a sort of collection, making it really easy to browse through related notes.Find quick answers, explore your interests, and stay up to date with Discover.

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