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For example, while focusing on the words “job” and “work” with your students, the context, depth and sentence structure for each word may vary.

For example: You can see the difference in how you would interact with your students in conversation.

Your beginner students will read a short text, after you read it out loud first in order to develop listening skills vital to conversation. You want to keep them engaged without discouraging them with challenging questions right out of the gate.

Here are a few more examples for this beginner conversation lesson here.

When teaching adult ESL students, it is important to focus on practical English vocabulary.These are the skills that will let them get out there, survive on their own, navigate new places, meet new people and get It is simple.Adult ESL lessons are often geared toward learning English for a specific purpose.Career advancement is often the most common reason adult ESL learners will fill the seats of your classroom.

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There is usually a balance of these ladder climbers and general English learners (learning for learning’s sake) coupled with those who need English for conversation with family, friends, partners and natives met during travels.A bit of conversation in the classroom goes a long way.

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Resources and Publications NOTE: This fact sheet contains resources, including Web sites, created by a variety of outside organizations. Department of Education does not guarantee the accuracy of any information contained on the Web sites of these outside organizations. Korchmaros, Ph D, University of Arizona; Danah Boyd, Ph D, New York University; and Kathleen Basile, Ph D, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. … continue reading »

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