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He began as a street preacher at the corner of Caffin and Galvez.

During his streetpreaching days Luter observed a need to draw men, particularly fathers, into his evangelistic appeal by urging events which attract male interest, on one occasion, in 1981, hosting a gathering for a pay-per-view televised boxing match between Thomas Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard.

On June 20, the day after electing Luter, SBC voted to permit use of the designation "Great Commission" as an alternative to "Southern" for congregations desiring a break from the geographical and historical eponym.

He has been with the congregation since 1986, when it had 65 members.

His first sermon in a churchbuilding was in 1983 at New Orleans' Law Street Missionary Baptist Church.

He was a staff minister at the city's Greater Liberty Baptist Church when he learned of the opening at Franklin Avenue and sought the job.

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