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28-Jan-2021 11:37

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I've been dating my current girlfriend for long enough to where the subject of finances has reared its ugly head.

This is a sensitive topic for most especially if you are debt.

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Up until recently I thought I wanted to get into horses so I though it would be a great match but after some time in the saddle I have realized they are too expensive and too dangerous for my conservative tastes.

I also up until recently did not realize the passion that she had for her horse and realized that if I continue the relationship with her there is no doubt in my mind that I continue the financial relationship with the horse.

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I can see myself going the distance with this girl on many levels. I don't typically like using that term because it tends to come across in a derogatory way but I think most people can relate so im using it with no negative connotations.This issue came to a head recently when I found out how much debt she has via student loans / credit cards.