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Joseph Grant Swank, Jr., wrote on a popular Conservative website: "Dr. Laura's appraisal of Judaism and she can't stand in the cold any longer." It's an old canard.Laura says that she gets from Judaism present-tense what she's always got from Judaism. She tried to deny it for years of study and ritual and hoop jumping. Decades ago a Catholic friend remarked to me: "Well, of course, the Jewish God is a God of law. Laura Schlessinger, America's most outspoken Orthodox Jew, made a bombshell broadcast to her 12 million radio listeners.She announced that she would no longer practice Judaism. Laura, who underwent an Orthodox conversion five years ago.Most of us perform mitzvot -- pray, recite blessings over food, etc.-- like a baseball player sliding into second base.

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But to take a ten-week course in the single mitzvah of separating hallah, no thanks.The four-volume set weighed a whopping ten pounds, but as I traipsed up the hill, I felt ecstatic that I could actually give my husband exactly what he wanted.In the Torah, God told the Jewish people exactly what He wants from us.The Christian God is a God of love." I, who at the time knew almost nothing about the Jewish God, was taken aback as much by the pat formula as by the matter-of-fact way in which he proclaimed it, like a piece of catechism well learned.

Three decades ago, like many assimilated Jews, I didn't know how to respond to my Christian friend.

When a friend asked me why I wasn't taking the hallah course, I replied glibly that I'm all air signs, and I'm not the earthy, bread-baking type. "Don't you know that all the blessings of physical abundance come down into the world through the performance of the mitzvah of taking hallah?

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