Dating when should you sleep with him

06-Aug-2020 21:59

The ladies in my 6-Step Find Hope and Find Him telecourse have been talking about S-E-X. It can also mess up an otherwise budding relationship.This can be a tough topic for women who are dating after 40. Getting this right is about clearly defining the boundary and behavior you will follow under all circumstances.Don’t guess these, sister; you have to have the talk and hear it straight from him. Bottom line: if you can’t sit down, look each other in the eye, and have an adult conversation about your relationship and safe sex…do NOT have sex with him! (Except to another drunk person.) If you must, savor one or two nice glasses of wine. In his book the Dalai Lama talks about pleasure versus happiness.But until you decide it’s a good time to be intimate, lay off the booze. His advice: always ask yourself “Will this bring me happiness? I try to follow this in my life in general; it’s a powerful guide to making good decisions.Ask yourself what you need to feel, do, know or experience before you will sleep with him.Note that this isn’t about what HE must do…it’s about how YOU will take care of yourself.

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The longer you hold off, the more intrigued he'll become, allowing you to set the pace and control how things develop.

This is key to maintaining your dignity and confidence, not falling for the wrong guy and keeping safe. Answer the question “Is he just hot or is he a hubby?

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