Dating pimps and prostitutes

22-Oct-2020 19:13

Like many others, I wrongly assumed that mimicking the elite was a ‘good’ thing. Recently, in a history lecture on the politics of women’s bodies in a historical context, a classmate asked a cheeky question, “Do you think prostitutes sold themselves to gain higher status?

Louis Vuitton, Prada, silk blouses, fancy dresses, beautiful shoes.

Prostitution allowed me to remain ‘higher’ class, but only later I realized the whole concept of CLASS is a terrible way to define oneself.

I wasted many years trying to please the WRONG people, people who reject others because they don’t follow the norms of society.

Certainly, some escorts do fit certain stereotypes (for instance, being from broken homes, or had been sexually abused), but many other escorts did not endure such events.

Most escorts, or I would like to say all (including myself), have experienced some sort of hardship (then again, who hasn’t? In my case, I faced economic disparity, and resultantly faced depression.

Initially, I sold myself to gain status, which translates to gaining acceptance from ‘higher’ class individuals by mimicking their dress and mannerisms. In fact, there are many, many middle-class girls who are selling themselves for wasteful reasons like I did.