Dating object lesson

24-May-2020 20:02

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He has a testimony of the Church, but he decided that it was more important to graduate from college than to go on a mission. --This guy inherited a lot of money from a rich uncle.He is not a member, but is very charming and handsome.Big Hunk--This guy was a quarterback at your college. You introduced yourself to him on his first Sunday in the student ward. You got married before he had been a member for a year and you are anxiously preparing to go to the temple together.It's hard for him to go to Church every Sunday since now he's playing in the NFL.Then describe what kind of man each candy bar symbolizes.Describe attitudes toward work, family, womanhood, motherhood, the Church, honoring the Priesthood, children, etc.He figures, "Hey, I'm earning the money around here! He is a returned missionary and loves learning about the Gospel.He has very bad vision and already has the extra large print scriptures (the High Priest Version).

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Discuss with the girls that they aren't the only ones choosing a spouse.

The young men they are looking at are also looking at them.

If they want a solid member of the Church, a returned missionary, a smart, fun, optimistic, creative person to marry, they must make themselves attractive to that type of person by being or doing those things themselves. You are fairly well off and you have a nice house, but you'd rather that he spent more time with you and the kids. Sometimes he surprises you by bringing home people for dinner without giving much warning, if any.

Pass out stationary so each girl can make a list of qualities she's looking for in her future husband.

Remind the girls that it isn't enough just to marry a nice guy, or just a member, or just a returned missionary, or just to get married in the temple.He has a lot of earning potential, but he's not earning much right now.