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12-Dec-2020 22:19

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How exactly does the problem manifests and what bittorrent client are you using? (I'm currently downloading from IPv4 only host from 5 peers using Transmission client on Debian GNU/Linux) --mnalis , (BST) Hi, (hopefully I am not completely blind and I did not see it but) is there any reason, not to distribute the planet-file via Bit-torrent?

I would expect, that this would greatly discharge the osm-server, especially if the user were prompted to use it.

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I would like to see a similar map for North America, or at least for the USA. However, until the 0.4 API is rolled out, the dump typically contains UTF-8 errors that will break an XML parser.

The torrent files specifies several public trackers, only one of which is IPv6 (others are IPv4).