Dating my housemate

20-Jul-2020 02:08

Your housemates won’t particularly appreciate being forced to pick teams.Unless you’re very mature people, one of you will probably have to move out.Make sure you communicate about what you’re both expecting to happen in the future.Is it OK if you move into separate places for a while? Couples tend to have conversations about what moving in together means to them BEFORE they end up living together.

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They need time to go through the soul-searching that you had.

Hold yourself back though, or the whole house will be at each other’s throats.

Second, if the entire house can hear you screaming at each other it’ll make them feel extremely awkward.

But, whatever happens, they’ll appreciate your honesty.

If this feels too scary you could just drunkenly lunge at them – that way if it doesn’t go to plan you could always blame the alcohol. Housemate relationships can be amazing, as you already know each other so well. Here are our top tips for making it work: Try and take things slow: Hard, we know, when you’re already effectively living together. Have some nights to yourself, when you sleep in your own bed or just have alone-time watching what you want on your computer.

You may already live together by default, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on these conversations.

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Your housemates won’t particularly appreciate being forced to pick teams.… continue reading »

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