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22-Jun-2020 12:43

Your subconscious is still working, and sometimes you might have a breakthrough while you’re not working on the work you’re supposed to be working on. Maybe I’m weird, but when I pretend I’m someone famous (like Anne Lamott or Maya Angelou or Frederick Buechner or C. Lewis) my words are suddenly competent or funny or eloquent or articulate.

If we write like the “masters” of our craft, eventually we can begin to improvise on their style and develop our own.

A rare dispatch from the Writing Zone, where I’m still recovering from co-authoring book #11 and meanwhile leading seminars on, of all things, getting your writing done. ”) Here’s a summary from “Getting it Done,” which I presented at the inaugural Frederick Buechner Writers Workshop at Princeton Theological Seminary in June 2015, which I’ll recap for the Advanced Writers Course there this year, plus some fun new material.

It’s not too late to register for the conference, by the way.

She doesn’t explore the reality that some families are *too* broken to fit with her advice.

Her point of view is very much that of a woman who grew up in an idyllic home.

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So what I’m presenting comes after fifteen years in this business.Another author I know takes her fifth wheel to a campground and drafts her next novel in 1-2 weeks. Okay, ignore the insanity of that timeline and focus on the campground, where no one cares if you’re antisocial, as long as you silence your dog (my advice: don’t bring your dog); and everyone, not just the novelist, looks like they haven’t showered.