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The Auloi from my workshop have double reeds made of Mediterranean cane (Arundo Donax), similar to Oboe, Bassoon or Duduk, yet are different in the way of construction.They enable a very fine and sensitive style of playing, already known from the instruments mentioned above and resulting in an amazing and vast range of dynamics and sound colours.This hollow segment of bear femur, found in a Slovenian archaeological dig and dated at more 40,000 years old, was carved with two complete and two partial holes.While it is unknown exactly how this instrument was used, it was likely intended for religious rituals or communication. This can be very practical to bring the reeds easily into position for playing.The metal ring also creates another protection to prevent cracks in the main pipe.Callum Armstrong inspired me much and guided me on my first steps in making the Auloi reeds and continues to be greatly important.The measurements and researches for the Louvre Aulos by Dr.

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Get a hand cut headjoint, this flute will play as good as any low level professional flute out there. in the 70's ,commented after trying my flute that he felt alot of the Armstrongs around that time were a bit flat; He would grind down the HJ a bit.

The lower holes can be closed to change the keynotes. Stefan Hagel has undergone interesting research about the possibilities of the ‘Berlin’ Aulos, which are similar to the Louvre Aulos.

Taking into count the upper five holes of each pipe, the pipes are a fourth apart from each other.

The Etruscans called them ‘Subulo’ and, in the Roman antiquity, was named ‘Tibia’.

They can be seen as the direct ancestors of similar instruments we still find today in the Mediterranean (Sipsi, Midschwiz and Launeddas).

Robin Howell supported me a lot with his immense knowledge about the Auloi and reeds.