Dating a veterinarian

12-Nov-2020 02:23

I dated a vet that I worked with, and it didn't work out.I don't think the issue in our case was that I was a tech and he was a vet, it was more the fact that we were working together.Currently, 73% of veterinary students are women, and nearly 50% of practicing veterinarians are too.If I can make a broad generalization, female veterinarians are hard working, somewhat anal retentive, outdoorsy, love animals, and are well-rounded.

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But men often have a women can fulfill their maternal instincts by grooming it and braiding its hair.

Being a vet is not the one deciding factor to me, it’s everything else about him.

Never dated a vet, but before I married my husband we worked together in food service and it suuuucked.

We just were spending too much time together and small things became bigger issues when you almost never get any time away from each other.

The good thing about the relationship was that we could understand each other's frustrations with the job, and understood that just because your shift ends at 6 it doesn't mean you can have dinner at 7.

My ex-boyfriend didn’t appreciate me photocopying the page and mailing it to him, but I thought it was important he realize the obvious: we are hot commodities.

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