Consolidating student loans sallie mae

25-Aug-2020 08:03

Overall this is a scum company and it deserves to be shut down. You may pay nothing at all or something little while you're in school but it doesn't matter because all is well and you're having a great experience.Then you graduate..receive a 6 months grace period to find yourself a decent paying job.

Minimum payment may be 0 a month (like mine especially if you were a stupid high school kid like me thinking you have to go out of state and one of the "better schools". Anyways you may be paying for a while, but it won't be easy.Since I don't owe much in interest, 98% of this goes into the principal.I should be done with one loan by the time the grace period starts and will repeat for the other loan.When we were ready to make the next disbursement for his Fall Senior year we were told that since the University did not disburse the amount after Spring Junior year the loan was closed.

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After speaking with 5 different Sallie Mae representatives, who I will add all have the same scripted response; we were told that an application would need to be completed again.

If you will be hard on cash after graduation, please pay interest asap. Take a part time job, internship or whatever to pay these interests while still in school!