Chronometric dating in archeology advances in archaeological and museum science volwassendating

10-Jun-2020 15:17

Political economy approaches have been criticized for their focus on top-down processes with insufficient attention to non-elite agency.Here, we expand archaeological applications of political economy by integrating a bottom-up...Differences in site locations and distributions that occur at either end of the Holocene may reflect changes in social organization, economic strategies, technology, settlement patterns, resource accessibility/management, environment conditions or perhaps differential preservation.This approach to analysis is made possible by the unusually large sample sizes we have from both early (N=111) and late (N=325) periods.more This paper explores patterns of shoreline settlement during the early and late Holocene periods in Gwaii Haanas, southern Haida Gwaii.We examine the relationship between environmental variables and aboriginal settlement during two time periods; 9500-9400 years BP and 2000 BP to early post-contact times.

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more In 1984 we conducted a detailed shoreline inventory of a part of the Huu-ay-aht First Nation traditional territory.

Floating ring-width series were compared to a locally prepared Western redcedar (Thuja heterophylla) master tree-ring chronology (1511–2002 AD) to determine when the trees used to construct the house were felled.

The findings of the survey indicate that Quaksweaqwul was built after the 1835 AD growth year.

This paper describes the variability of house size and form that is found within a single village which has exceptional preservation.

It also looks at variations in houses between a number of Huu-ay-aht sites.

While we are primarily interested in the early period settlement patterns, our method for discovering significant trends is to compare early site distributions to those for the relatively well known recent past.

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