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16-Jul-2020 11:20

She had been expecting to point out the error and for them to share an embarrassed moment where they laughed at the mistake. "It's no good I'm not letting you loose until you calm down.

Instead she had been carried over his shoulder into a barn then callously dumped into a stall still tied and gagged. You won't get the pampering you're used to, not here. You will have to earn every little thing until you value it.

Her husband, Libby's father, had died in a car crash leaving them well provided for rattling around together in a palatial home that was empty and cold without him.

As the adrenalin rush subsided she began to think more clearly. The fear turned to embarrassment on realising she was going to have to explain she wasn't Libby but the mother.

Trussed like a chicken for the oven she could hardly move from where she had been placed in a cardboard box. It was her fault as she had answered to her name at the door meaning only to confirm Libby lived there.