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Given the public nature of their relationship the first time around, if I had to guess, that is his current love interest. September 2, 2012 Categories: Pictures of CM Punk - Player . -- Bobby Lashley is advertised for a special appearance at Family Wrestling Entertainment's November 5 event at The Hall at St. He will also be participating in a meet and greet prior to the show. features an article on CM Punk (who dubs him wrestling's "next megastar") and it is publicly confirmed for the first time that Beth Phoenix is his real-life girlfriend. "Punk entered a side door backstage, coming up behind the mob of wrestlers and personnel. "Then, legit, everyone began to hug me," Punk recalls.Full Report: CM Punk Leaning Towards Leaving WWE This Year Punk is burned out from five years on the road and is not happy with other stars such as The Miz and Alberto Del Rio getting pushed over him.WWE wants to keep Punk on the roster and have offered him a new longterm deal, which he’s yet to sign.Sorry D-Bry couldn’t resist it.) Here’s the Video of the Parade 🙂 November 24, 2012 Categories: Pictures of CM Punk - Player, Pictures of CM Punk - Uncategorized .Tags: # CM PUNK PLAYER, Amy Dumas, Chicago, LITA, PLAYER, TITLE, WWE, WWE CHAMP . Comments: 2 Comments Just because I did one of these of AJ Lee I thought it would be fitting to do one for the amazing Lita.

w=300" data-large-file=" w=460" / CM Punk Pictures – Player " data-medium-file=" has been dating Beth Phoenix for the past several months and the two are reportedly a serious couple.WWE has made roster trades in the past to keep superstar-diva couples together – with the most notable example being Michelle Mc Cool being moved to Smack Down a few years ago so she could travel with her husband, The Undertaker.According to rumor and considerable incriminating evidence 😉 see what I did there.

CM Punk and Lita are now together and I would love a return from Lita in the WWE and I really don’t see why not! Here’s some nice Pictures of Lita 🙂 November 13, 2012 Categories: Pictures of CM Punk - Artwork and Logos, Pictures of CM Punk - Player, Pictures of CM Punk - Uncategorized . We now have Cena AJ scandal so surely the whole, AJ Punk is gone 3.Maria herself said in an interview with CM Punk was dating Amy Dumas (Lita), however, as stated in Matt Hardy’s interview in March 2010.