Beck dating history

29-Oct-2020 21:37

In the fifth century BCE, Hippocrates prescribed “friction” to treat physical injuries and instructed his physician colleagues on the benefits of rubbing to help the body heal itself.Moreover, he promoted a combination of massage, proper diet, exercise, rest, fresh air and music to restore the body to a healthy state.

Treatments in Ayurveda include diet and herbalism, aromatherapy, color therapy, sound therapy and touch therapy.

Japan soon began to import and customize Chinese massage techniques, giving rise to traditional Japanese massage or anma, which grew into Shiatsu.

The primary goal of Shiatsu is to raise the energy level in the patient.

Furthermore, Egyptians are credited with creating reflexology in approximately 2500 BCE.

In this system, the practitioner applies pressure to specific points or reflex zones on the feet and hands.

Ancient seers and natural scientists developed this system based on centuries of studies, experiments and meditations.