Bar rafaeli dating

28-Jul-2020 12:46

v=x DLq Ly WFSpo “This video sadly proves that Israelis may be brilliant at the tech side of business but still can’t hold a knife and fork in civilized company,” said Matthew Kalman, a writer for MIT Technology Review.

“It’s mistakes like this that can sink Israeli companies who have great technology but simply don’t understand the mindset or culture of the people they’re trying to sell that technology to,” added Kalman.

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“Our aim is to entertain, not to hurt anyone’s feelings, although personally I think it is very funny.” The original You Tube version was still available in Hebrew at time of writing, on My Check’s website.

On You Tube itself, however, only the shortened version was still posted:

It marks the official launch of a pilot application that already has 10,000 users, Kugler said.

This is not the first time My Check used a You Tube video to advertise the application.

My Check’s CEO Kugler called the clip “a humorous look at a restaurant situation.” “We had a connection to Bar Refaeli and we wanted to offer her an acting platform,” said Kugler, one of four partners and CEO of My Check, who worked at advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi Israel before launching the app.