Alexis bedel dating

12-Apr-2020 20:24

“We broke girlfriend stories, not mother-daughter stories.

It was interesting to actually now play them as girlfriends who travel and talk on the phone and keep in touch the way I do with my friends.

Considering Ofglen’s a significant character in the book as well as the show, Bledel fans can look forward to her reprising her role as the unforgettable Emily later this year.

The former Gilmore girl also has an intriguing movie role in the works, Katie in the dramatic crime film, .

“She started her career in journalism at a time when the industry was changing quite a bit.

Newspapers were going away and she has kind of been chasing stories and crashing on people’s couches in the process. She’s been traveling a lot.”It remains to be seen if Rory is content with not having a home base or a proper place for her undies, but returning to Stars Hollow certainly makes her reflect on where she wants to go, especially after the death of her grandfather, Richard Gilmore (Edward Herrmann).

It was good timing because right after, she was offered a job to cover the first Barack Obama presidential campaign for an online publication. “My character’s been working hard as per usual, but she’s on her own so she’s more focused on what she is trying to accomplish,” said Bledel.She won a Young Artists Award in 2001, a Family Television Award in 2002, and a Teen Choice Award in 2005.