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12-Dec-2020 23:54

I never wear my “I’m a skeptic” badge on my sleeve. I’ve been subjected to some pretty intense judgment and name calling in the past, so I’ll just keep my thoughts to myself – the reason behind anonymity.

However, please don’t mistake my lack of openness with being ashamed.

Over the last 20 years on the face of the game has undergone significant changes.

That’s just a fancy word for “I’m a fence-sitter.”The technical meaning of an agnostic is a person who does not have a definite belief about whether God exists or not.

I have doubts to whether Jesus was the Son of God, or a prophet.

Jesus is someone who inspires me and I would love to live my life like Him. I love my husband, this country and our military with every fiber of my being.

We discuss character, morals and the difference between right and wrong.

We discuss Hanukah and play with dradles every year.

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I just don’t want the intense negative reaction that usually follows with being so open. He knows I’m constantly questioning and refuse to be disingenuous.

Being agnostic is different than being an atheist, although, some people like to lump us together. As for me, I’m not quite sure if one exists or not, but I’m not ready to commit to either. This belief is very unpopular, but tolerated in the United States. However, in the United Kingdom, being of atheist/agnostic views represent more than half of the country – it’s the fastest growing belief.

In some parts of the world, I would be stoned to death for my views.

I can ask myself when I’m struggling, “What would Jesus do? Some people believe my life may be a lonely existence without the presence of God, but my heart and my life are full with the presence of people and nature and the love I have for them. I tend not to express my beliefs or doubts publicly because I am almost always in the minority, the extreme minority.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how open many other military spouses have been to my beliefs – kind, almost curious.Planting doubt or a certain belief in their little minds at such a young age seems manipulative.