Age range for dating

14-Jun-2020 23:22

I don't have much interest in them anyway - there are exceptions, I'm sure, but on the whole they lack maturity and sexual experience. I'm in my forties, currently sought out by and dating a 21 year old. I thought he meant he had been in recovery or something. He later became a drag performer lip synching to soprano arias. If I had to pick some arbitrary numbers for dating, I'd probably go with 35 - 55. I've always had a thing for older guys, even as a teenager. To the poster who thinks men look their best between 18 and 25 - get a clue, mate. He's cute, hot little body and fun to be with, but damn, the sex doesn't flow. This dude was very attractive and not at all gay acting (Although I instantly focused on him the moment I entered the store)... I have to laugh at men who are 40 who state that they'll only date younger people - beggars can't be choosers.55, look 52 or 53. I suppose years of picking up guys has honed my Gaydar skills. Really, as long as they're legal, not hideous, intelligent, have a decent sense of humor, and don't say "sides" for "side orders" or "I'll have a wine" when they want a glass of wine, well... If I dated anyone older, he'd have to be really, really hot. I've had friends that were younger than me, and yes, there are times where it's strange to realize that they weren't alive when something in particular happened, but it turns out that what is really important is having similar interests.

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It was just a date, not a relationship -- and it turned out he was more nervous than I was.The clerk and I got into a conversation about movies to rent and I made the comment that the last really good movie I saw was "Brokeback Mountain." This seemed to loosen him up, so to speak, and we began a conversation about gay films. The clerk told me to look in the DVD box when I got out of the store. Right now I have a massive crush on a guy that I met at pride who is in his early 60s. I'm 28 and I only date people within 5 years of my own age. In the box was his name, address and cell phone number. When I was in my early 20's, I had a thing for older guys (10 years older), but after awhile, I realized that I'd rather be with men closer to my own age. The guys who believe they have something in common with guys 20 or 30 years younger without realizing that that is a comment about their own emotional and mental development, not the maturity of the younger guys."You are right to some extent. There's a professor where I work who is 69 and takes really good care of himself (he looks 55-ish) and has a wonderful sense of humor.

But it is also a heck of a lot of fun to date younger guys. In our dating period my bf and I had nothing but fun and frolic. I've always been that way-- I've never had a romantic interest (or even a hookup interest) in someone obviously younger than me or much older. I'd date him in a nanosecond if he weren't already happily married. I don't deny that many younger guys like older guys.

Just kidding, but it seems this is the norm nowadays.

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