About dating chile

27-Nov-2020 18:51

The younger generation—under 25—will have good English, but even amongst that age ground it can be hit and miss so get learning some Chilean slang.

There are two niches I would work in Santiago if my Spanish were weak and I wanted to bang Chilenas: Language exchanges and rock music groupies (if you are a white guy) or hip-hop groupies if you are black/mixed race.

What you’ll see in Santiago is large numbers of meztisos dressed like skater girls.

Chilean girls have it difficult because they have Brazil and Argentina as neighbours: home to some hottest girls in the world.

A hotel employee came out to tell us we shouldn’t be out there, but when he saw that we were not Chilean and heard us speaking English, he turned around without a word and walked back through the glass doors.

Chilean Spanish is the most difficult dialect to understand in all of South America.

With that in mind, be aware that English levels don’t vary between areas and cities but do between generations.You’ll have no problem getting around as the city has an easy-to-navigate metro (subway) system and a reliable bus service. Built on hills, similar to Lisbon, or San Francisco without the tech nerds. If your Spanish is weak, stick to Santiago or Viña del Mar.Only 90 mins outside of Santiago by bus, which are a very ride comfortable apart from the badly-dubbed Denzel Washington movies. Santiago is a modern city so all of the girls will be on Tinder.On a Latin American “easy-to-bang” scale, Chilean women are not as easy as Peruvians or Colombians but While not at the Caucasian-worshipping levels of Peru, Chileans still view Westerns as the gold standard of civilization.

One time, while I was living in Santiago De Chile, I was on the roof top area of the Ritz Hotel talking with a Chilean-American friend of mine.

Stay in Bella Vista as this area will have the most hostel options, best nightlife and the most gringo-friendly girls.

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